Secure Phone CEO Indicted on RICO Charges

Secure Phone CEO Indicted on RICO Charges

Five men affiliated with a company that sells encrypted phones have been arrested and indicted on criminal charges, including the owner and CEO.

The company in question is called Phantom Secure, and according to ZDNet they

…specifically designed devices for the organised crime market allowing criminals to use unrestricted, secure communications beyond the capability of law enforcement interception.

The phones sold were heavily modified Samsung and Blackberry models that used upgraded encryption hardware. Gizmodo reports that the phones had

…cameras, microphones, and standard connectivity functions disabled and a version of Pretty Good Privacy that routes messages overseas added, with FBI alleging the company allowed customers to remotely wipe data.

The charges stem not from the sale of secure phones itself, but from the fact that the company allegedly sold the devices knowing full well that they were being used for crime, and facilitated murder and drug smuggling.